Optimal transportability

The Travel Kitchen can be mounted on a bicycle carrier or on the tow bar. These solutions are already available, so that the supply of mounting brackets is not necessary. That is why the Travel Kitchen is no deeper than 50cm; dimensions of bicycle carriers are limited and a box on the back that protrudes too much is inconvenient.

The Travel Kitchen fits in a station wagon or camper garage.

Weight is max. 50kg. Easy to lift and move (sturdy handles on both sides); Hardly any influence on road holding or driving behavior.

Light materials: sandwich panels and lightweight plywood. Sandwich panels are light and constructive (modern caravans and other bodywork are built with this). The drawers are made of lightweight poplar plywood. Strong and visually appealing.

The Travel Kitchen is airtight and waterproof. With existing alternatives, a 1000-kilometer drive is enough to cover the inside of the kitchen (and everything in it) under a greasy, gray exhaust soot film.

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